Version EDB as 11.2 -Couldnt able to install


Version EDB as 11.2 -Couldnt able to install

Hi Guys, Please help me out to install edb as11.2 version . If i use the EDB document it is automatically taking 11.5 (latest version).


i installed edb.repo-latest.noarch only


I just added [edbas112] in edb.repo and try yum install -y edb-as11*2* --skip-broken, but still it is taking 11.5.


Please help me out asap. Its high priority.






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Re: Version EDB as 11.2 -Couldnt able to install

Hi prasannagp,


From your email it seems that you have enabled the edb.repo file, however your not able to install EDB AS 11.2.  Please download RPM’s for EDB AS Version 11.2 from the below link and install one by one RPM’s:


Kindly let us know if you face issues while installation of EDB AS 11.2.


Hope this helps you.

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