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Verify the user's privileges on object level

Currently, it is not possible to list the user's privileges on object level in a particular database.


The privileges need to be checked from individual catalog table from the *acl column or using meta commands for respective objects. For example:


              Table :

           select relacl from pg_class where relname = 'test';
           \dt+ test

              Schema :


           select nspacl from pg_namespace where nspname = 'test';
           \dn+ test

             Tablespace :

           select spcacl from pg_tablespace where spcname = 'tblspc';
           \db+ tblspc


              Function :


           select proacl from pg_proc where proname = 'increment';
           \df+ increment

Please refer to a workaround shared in the below link[1], which makes use of the "Access privilege inquiry functions"[2]:



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