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Startup scripts for multiple clusters of PPAS in RHEL 6

Running multiple clusters on the same machine is not an ideal setup however it might be helpful in certain cases and can be beneficial in caes of development or testing environments. 


In order to ensure that both the clusters work as operating system service (RHEL 6) we would need to configure a separate service for the secondary instance of EPAS. 


The prerequisite for creating a secondary service script is to have a secondary EPAS already configured and we would refer to that instance as Secondary in the steps given below:


1.)     create a hard link in /etc/rc.d/init.d (or equivalent  to prerequisite-9.3 named 'ppas-secondary-9.3' : 

        ln ppas-9.3 ppas-secondary-9.3   Pick a name not already used in /etc/rc.d/init.d.

2.)     create a file in /etc/sysconfig/ppas named ppas-secondary-9.3.  This file is a shell script -- typically you would define PGDATA, PGOPTS here.

3.)     create the target PGDATA.

4.)     Initdb the targe PGDATA as documented in the main documentation.
        Automatic initdb may or may not work for you, so a manual one is preferred.  This must be done as user 'enterprisedb'

5.)     Edit postgresql.conf to change the port, address, tcpip settings, etc.
6.)     Enable the new PPAS instance with 'chkconfig ppas-secondary-9.3 on'.
7.)     Start the new PPAS instance with 'service ppas-secondary-9.3 start'


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