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Performance Diagnostic dashboard in PEM


Issue: PEM web console display below error when open Performance Diagnostic dashboard.

Error: This tool can be run only if user is super user,edb_wait_states plugin is loaded and it’s respective functions are present in the maintenance database

PEM Diagnostics.png



 The console will display the error message as below if you do not meet the prerequisites.




  • You must have superuser privileges to access the Performance Diagnostic dashboard.
  • You must ensure that the EDB Wait States module is installed. Modify the postgresql.conf file, adding the edb_wait_states library to the list of libraries in the shared_preload_libraries parameter.



Step 1: EDB wait states is installed with the edb-asxx-server-edb-modules RPM package where xx is the Advanced Server version number.


Step 2: To launch the worker, it must be registered in the postgresql.conf file using the shared_preload_libraries parameter, for example:

shared_preload_libraries = '$libdir/edb_wait_states'


Step 3: Restart the database server. After a successful restart, the background worker begins collecting data.


Step 4: To review the data, create the following extension:

CREATE EXTENSION edb_wait_states;


Step 5: To terminate the EDB wait states worker, remove $libdir/edb_wait_states from the shared_preload_libraries parameter and restart the database server.

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