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New Features in PEM 7.6


The following features have been added into Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.6 :

       1.  Ability to analyze wait statistics of the database server for any time range, and diagnose query performance.

       2. Allow users to delete server groups.

       3. Graphical Explain Plans of a query can be downloaded as an SVG file in the Query Editor.

       4. Allow dropping/deleting multiple objects at once from the collection Properties panel.

       5. Added a Stop Process button to cancel the process running for the external utilities used by Backup,
           Restore, Maintenance,  and Import-Export. This allows users to terminate a process running for the
           external utilities used by the Backup/Restore/Maintenance/Import/Export functionalities from the
           Process Watcher notification/panel.

       6. Migrate from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4

       7. Support added to sslutils to work with OpenSSL 1.1+


For more information, refer to the following Technical Update :




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