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How PEM components communicate with each other in the PEM (which Ports to be kept open)?

As per PEM architecture when we initiate connection through the Web browser (httpd server) ;  that connection will go through the PEM server (PEM backend database server) for the authentication.  After this, a connection will be made from the PEM backend database server to remote database server and because of this,  we need to open up a database port in the firewall on the remote database.  The direction of this communication flows from the PEM backend database (source) to remote database (destination).


The probe data communication flows in the direction of the PEM remote agent on the remote database server to the PEM backend database server.


The port 8080 is Apache web server port and should be kept open only on that node where web server is installed. The Web service is configured and is listening on port 8443 ;  this port should also be open on the node where Web service is configured. The config file "pg_hba.conf" under $PGDATA directory on the PEM backend database host must be configured to accept remote connections from the host of the httpd server.

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