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Features of PEM 7.5


The following features have been added into Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.5:      


  • Support for monitoring PostgreSQL 11 & EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11.
  • Added a geometry viewer in the query tool which is capable of rendering the PostGIS data on a blank canvas or various map sources.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 11 and EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11 as the backend database server for the PEM Server.
  • Use of PgBouncer as a connection pooler to increase the number of database servers that a single PEM instance can monitor - PgBouncer (1.9.0+) can be used as a connection pooler between the PEM backend database server and the PEM Agents.
  • Exclude specific mount points from the disk-space probe and exclude selected mount points explicitly for the disk-space probe on a specific host. 
  • Save the tree view state periodically and restore it automatically when re-connecting the database server, or refreshing the browser page.
  • Added shortcuts for View Data and Query tool to the Browser header bar to quick access.
  • Added optional data point markers and mouse-over tooltips to display the values on the graphs on the real-time dashboards which can be enabled/disabled from the preferences dialog.


Refer the below link for more information:

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