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ERROR: requested starting point x/xxxxx on timeline <number> is not in this server's history

Whenever there is a database failover i.e, slave is promoted as a master and wanted to bring the old master as slave server 

you may encounter below messages.


FATAL:  could not start WAL streaming: ERROR:  requested starting point 0/9000000 on timeline 4 is not in this server's history
DETAIL:  This server's history forked from timeline 4 at 0/80001A8.
To bring the old master as a slave server we need to create the recovery.conf file and in this file the recovery_target_timeline ='latest'
needs to be configured to allow the old master to follow the new master.
In case, the slave is promoted while the old master is up and running in such scenarios either the old master needs to be rebuild
using the pg_basebackup or pg_rewind will be handy.
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