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EDB Postgres LDAP authentication without TLS/SSL

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an authentication protocol that utilizes a standalone server to satisfy authentication requirements for users connecting to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server database. An LDAP server uses a tree-style organization (a directory) that makes it possible for a single server to manage multiple tiers of users.
The attached PDF guide will walk you through the process of configuring LDAP authentication (without SSL) for an EDB Postgres Advanced Server database. The examples included use OpenLDAP; for detailed information about using OpenLDAP, please visit the OpenLDAP project site at:


The attached PDF document covers following: 

  1. Introduction of Openssl
  2. Installing and Configuring an LDAP Server
  3. Creating an LDAP Tree
  4. Adding an Entry to the LDAP Tree
  5. Adding an Organizational Unit (ou) Entry to the LDAP Tree
  6. Adding an Entry within an Organization Unit
  7. Adding a Group to the LDAP Tree
  8. Adding a User to a Group
  9. Configuring LDAP on the Advanced Server Host
  10. Configuring Simple Bind Authentication
  11. Configuring Search+Bind Authentication
  12. Troubleshooting
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