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Does “subtype” work with EPAS ?


How to find the Reserved SQL keywords in PG/EPAS ?



Using the below SQL query one can find the reserved SQL keywords in PostgreSQL/EPAS.
SELECT * FROM pg_get_keywords();


Does “ subtype” work with EPAS ?

PG/EPAS support omitting AS only for column labels that aren't any known keyword and SUBTYPE is an un-reserved keyword in EPAS - and that is the reason "SELECT now() subtype" query doesn't work. but if same being used with AS "SELECT now() AS subtype" that works.  So this is a known behavior and doesn’t have any work-around apart from using the AS or double quotes.
Community PostgreSQL :
postgres=# select * from pg_get_keywords() where word like '%subtype%' ;
 word | catcode | catdesc 
(0 rows)
postgres=# select now() subtype;
 2019-03-22 08:47:58.033168-07
(1 row)
Advanced Server :
edb=# select * from pg_get_keywords() where word like '%subtype%' ;
  word   | catcode |  catdesc   
 subtype | U       | unreserved
(1 row)
edb=# select now() subtype;
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "subtype"
LINE 1: select now() subtype;
edb=# select now() "subtype";
 22-MAR-19 09:24:20.268391 -07:00
(1 row)
edb=# select now() AS subtype;
 22-MAR-19 09:24:25.325908 -07:00
(1 row)
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