Is Postgres Enterprise Manager Open Source?

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Is Postgres Enterprise Manager Open Source?


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Re: Is Postgres Enterprise Manager Open Source?

Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) is built by EDB and based on pgAdmin - an open source project led by Dave Page (EDB Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools & Installers).  PEM contains all the latest features and fixes in pgAdmin plus many enterprise features which are distributed under EDB's commercial license. The additional enterprise features include: 
- 225+ pre-configured database alerts by SMTP/SNMP,
- custom alerts,
- global At-a-Glance monitoring dashboards,
- Performance monitoring dashboards,
- Tuning Wizard configures each database for basic machine utilization and application workload types,
- The SQL Profiler captures complex SQL workloads on-demand or on-schedule and allows multiple views of performance metrics to quickly find resource stealing queries in need of improvement,
- Index Advisor recommends and/or deploys new single or composite table indexes for troublesome queries,
- Postgres Expert detects deviations in database configuration parameters, schema design, and security profiles of your Postgres installations and then provides recommended settings based on best practices,
- Log Manager configures logging settings across multiple servers and automatically consolidates logs for enterprise-wide review
- Log file alerts adds an additional layer of critical information to monitor and alert,
- Log Analysis Expert reports lock and query statistics collected by the Log Manager. See longest running queries, number of queries, unique queries, time spent running queries and more,
- Capacity Manager forecasts storage needs for more efficient data center planning and costs with customizable HTML or printed reports,
- Audit Manager configures special fine grained auditing in Postgres Plus Advanced Server,
- Team Manager governs access by personnel to servers being managed by Postgres Enterprise Manager,
- Update Manager monitors the EnterpriseDB software catalog for updates and assists in applying them
- Integration with other EDB tools: SQL/Protect probes alert SQL injection attacks and Replication probes and alerts are available for Postgres streaming replication (dashboard for easy access to replication statistics), EDB xDB Replication Server, and Slony.
You may use PEM free of charge for a 60 day evaluation period (after downloading it from the EDB website), after which you are required to have a subscription in place for continued use.

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