xDB Schema Updates


xDB Schema Updates

I am a new user using xDB to replicate data from PostGRE to MS SQL server for reporting and business intelligence.  Our production datbases undergo varioius schema updates 3 or 4 times annually.  What are the best practices for updating schema on SMR replicated databases?  Is there a better way then to:

  1. Remove scheduled replications
  2. Remove impacted tables from publication
  3. Manually remove impacted tables from MS SQL target DB
  4. Apply schema changes to impacted tables
  5. Re-Add impacted tables to publication
  6. Re-Add scheduled replications

Looking for best practices others may have devloped.

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Re: xDB Schema Updates

Hi mitchelcarlsen,


Hope you are doing well.


Could you please elucidate more on the below points, so that we can understand your environment more and suggest accordingly.

. In your XDB SMR setup is PostgreSQL the master and Microsoft SQL server is the target?

. Could you please let us know the exact version of both the source and target?

. As you mentioned there are changes done frequently in the schema in your database. Could you please let us know what kind of changes and in which database (Source/target) ?

. Is there changes in the table DDL level also?

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