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SMR replication using xDB

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SMR replication using xDB

We migrating data from Oracle to EPAS using xDB snapshot only replicaiton.

Data is being migrated, but the migration speed is not upto the mask as per our requiremet (Need to migrate 2TB data in 2Hrs). Please find below configuration being used for xDB:





Are thare any parameters we can look for to increase data transfer speed?

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Re: SMR replication using xDB

Are you using 6.2 xDB version? 


Going through your last few queries, We are guessing that it must be xDB 6.2.


Please confirm.

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Re: SMR replication using xDB

Considering xDB 6.2, please go through the below sections from the xDB doc which will elaborate the how to gain the performance while xDB snap and replication.


2.4.4 Performance Considerations
5.8 Optimizing Performance

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Re: SMR replication using xDB

@Ranjan Thanks for your response.


yes we are using xDB 6.2.


I've gone through performance considerations, unfortunately we can't make use of synchronization in our enviornment as we don't have primary keys on all the tables, and creating a primary key on existing tables is not permited due to business restrictions.


As mentioned in initial post we are migrating 2TB data, as per default xDB default setting it may take few days to complete.

I'm looking for any parameters which we can tweak to gain migration speed. We have got 8core of CPU, 56GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth b/w the Oracle and EPAS databases. 


Any further inputs really appreciated.



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Re: SMR replication using xDB

Hi @Mahisha,


As recommended earlier, use the sync replication and not the snapshot replication for 2 TB DB size.


For faster snapshot, some of the recommendation are mentioned at the section 5.8 in the document shared earlier.


You can use the options such as copyViaDBLinkOra, please go through the document and try it.


It may increase your performance. However, it may not complete within your expected time frame (2 hours for 2 TB).


Please let us know in case of any issues/queries.




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Re: SMR replication using xDB

Thank you @slonkar for your inputs, as we can't go ahead with sync replication, will try copyViaDBLinkOra option.


Will keep the results posted here :)