How to automate BART incremental backup

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How to automate BART incremental backup

Any advice?


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Re: How to automate BART incremental backup

Hi @Polem ,


Please refer below prerequisites for taking the incremental backup :


1)Enable the allow_incremental_backups in the bart.cfg file

2)Password-less ssh between BART server and Master server if they are on different machine.

3)Do not enable the wal_compression parameter in bart.cfg

4)Archiving of the WAL must enabled to the BART backup catalog at <backup_path>/<server_name>/archived_wals.


Refer below steps to perform the incremental backup :

1) Take a full backup using the bart 

bart BACKUP -s hr -F p --backup-name parent hr_full_1

2) Keep the bart-scanner running in background, so it will scan the wal files from archived_wals.

bart-scanner --daemon

3) Take a incremental backup

bart BACKUP -s hr -F p --parent hr_full_1 --backup-name hr_incr_1

4) Take another incremental backup

bart BACKUP -s hr -F p --parent hr_incr_1 --backup-name hr_incr_2


You can prepare a script for automating the above steps.


For detailed information, please refer document at :


Please let us know in case of any issues/queries.




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