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Postgres Vision to EDB's Support Services: "Thank You!"

Community Manager

Last week, I had the opportunity to experience many, many conversations with people in the Postgres community: DBA's, application developers, system architects, executives, and vendors.  Each year, as we bring the conference to a close, I walk away with a lighter step and deeper understanding of how EDB's customers (past, present or future) view Postgres and its place in their architecture, and it will take more than a single post to cover those insights.  The most important thing to me, however, wasn't in the conversations I had -- it was in the conversations that I overheard, and those that were relayed to me.


EDB's Support Services was a continual soundbite in so many conversations this year, and it was always in appreciation of how we deliver the customer experience.  Coming from other vendors and into EDB's fold, there was often a fear and uncertainty around what happens "after the sale" - and unequivocally, EDB's teams have not only proven to our customers that we are there to answer the email or call, we're there to support them. Every day of every week, we're answering questions before they become problems. 


See, in our teams, that's the core tenet: support the customer, and the customer will support you. It's that simple. Equally simple? Supporting the customer means we can't only be good at our jobs, we have to love our jobs. Loving our jobs requires us to keep learning, and stay passionate about not just Postgres and technology, but also our own journeys.  In the last three years, Support Services' ability to pull in a single direction of growth has become a massive engine; what started as refresh training for Postgres and some basic environmental learning has become a concerted force across every function. From Kubernetes to Red Hat, customer engagement seminars to ITIL, Prince2 to DISC, or PowerShell to Ansible - we're feeding the fire and showing everyone why we're the best in the industry. It's really just one more step in reciprocal support: build a systematic culture of learning and growth, this culture will support our customers, our customers will support us.


Postgres Vision 2019 brought this eventuality into focus like never before, and I was lucky enough to hear customers talking to other Postgres users every day, talking about their experience with EDB's teams. 

RemoteDBA Managed Services' accolades continue to grow as fast as our customer base:  "The value is unquestionable", "Could I have learned it?  Sure.  But I wanted the people who do this every day, people I could trust."  

EDB's Cloud Database Service came up at every turn, and the Lightning Talk was met with many smiling faces, and some surprise:  "We aren't just limited to Amazon RDS instances?"

Technical Support has acted as both a medic and a guide for our customers:  "I wouldn't have stood a chance without the help from their teams", "I was surprised by how much they knew about [Amazon] AWS!", "Coming from [censored], we couldn't believe the level of support we received, and how quickly our questions were answered".  


To the teams of EDB which I have the honor of leading, I want to give recognition to every member  - 96% Net Satisfaction is just a number. Customers acting as promoters, and as passionate users of EDB's Support Services team, is proof that what each and every one of you is doing is appreciated.  I thank you, but more, so do many thousands of users of EDB Postgres.  


To our customers -- Hold on tight, you ain't seen nothing yet.  ;)