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Pgpool II Release Update

EDB Team Member

EDB has recently released a major version of Pgpool II and also released updates for all the back branches. This warrants an update to EDB Pgpool II compatibility matrix that I published last year. EDB has made some changes to Pgpool II in order to support the protocol extensions added to EPAS server for Oracle compatibility.


Please note that we have released EDB Pgpool II 4.0.2 and Pgpool II 3.7.7 for EPAS 11, instead of waiting for a year to release the latest major version of pgpool II like we have done in the past.


The compatibility table below shows the version of pgpool II supported with EPAS server. Although any version of pgpool II can work with any version of database server if compiled accordingly. pgpool II has build time dependency on the database server.



EPAS Version 

Pgpool II Version


pgpool II 3.7.7


pgpool II 4.0.2


pgpool II 3.6.14

EPAS 9.6

pgpool II 3.5.18

EPAS 9.6

pgpool II 3.6.14

EPAS 9.5

pgpool II 3.4.21