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Stack Builder doesn't seem to finish (Mac)

Level 2 Traveller

Stack Builder doesn't seem to finish (Mac)

It's sitting on the Stack Builder 4.1.0 page


It says Please click the "Next" button to start the installations.


and: Note You must allow all installations to run to completion.


I clicked Next.  It does some tasks.  The little rainbow circle shows up and does not go away for several hours.


In activity monitor it says "stackbuilder (Not responding)


I finally did  a force quit.



EDB Team Member

Re: Stack Builder doesn't seem to finish (Mac)

Hi richkatz,


I have tried with Stack Builder 4.1.0 on Mac machine and I didn't see any issues and my installtion completed successfully. This should be machine specific issue.


Mean while could you please confirm the MacOS, version and also PostgreSQL version. 


If possible could you please share the screenshot of the issue.


Re: Stack Builder doesn't seem to finish (Mac)

Stack Builder will not run on macOS Catalina.


Please provide a temporary download link for /Library/edb/languagepack/v1/Python-3.7


I desperately need to get  Python running on my DB. I have been stuck since the Catalina install.