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PostgreSQL Certification

EDB Team Member

PostgreSQL Certification

PostgreSQL Certification – Did you know?

I was recently asked two common questions about Postgres certifications from EDB, and thought I would post the answers along with more general information which may be helpful.


Question #1 – How long are certifications issued by EDB valid, and do they expire?

Answer #1: The Postgres certification program from EDB issues versioned credentials that do not expire.  They are valid for the version on which you were certified.  For example, if you have achieved PostgreSQL Associate-level certification by passing the exam for version 9.5, that credential is still valid for that software version.

It is recommended that you continue to maintain up-to-date credentials and update your certification status on the latest software versions by passing the most recent version of the exam.


Question #2 – Are there any prerequisites for the exams?

Answer #2: The Associate-Level exam for PostgreSQL certification does not have a training class prerequisite however it is expected that you have experience with Postgres database administration, Linux, and SQL fundamentals.  Also recommended is taking the related training course Foundations of PostgreSQL Administration.  Exam topics are listed online with details. The Professional Level of certification does require that the Advanced training course be taken as a prerequisite, before attempting the exam.


Also, did you know?

  • EDB has been providing PostgreSQL certification for almost 7 years, and organizations often ask us where they can find qualified individuals for their teams.
  • FREE training on EDB Postgres is available – covering essentials administration and architecture skills, with added information on features and tooling from EDB. It is appropriate for those getting started with or wanting formalized training on PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Check out the details of the free training eSubscription which includes eLearning modules, lab exercises, and demos.
  • Digital badges are issued to anyone passing any of the Postgres certification exams from EDB.  Badges provide a great and easy way to share your skills with your community, such as colleagues, peers, and including current or potential employers.
  • 76 percent of open source pros say certifications are useful to their careers, and 50 percent of hiring managers say they are more likely to hire a certified professional, up from 44 percent in 2016. (Source: Open Source Jobs Report released recently by The Linux Foundation)

Want to learn more?  Check out the certification FAQ for further details, and if you are curious about digital badging, you can also learn more on the web.