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PostgreSQL 10 Beta is out and its features !!!

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PostgreSQL 10 Beta is out and its features !!!

New Features of 10

  • Logical Replication: Built-in option for replicating specific tables or using replication to upgrade
  • Native Table Partitioning: Range and list partitioning as native database objects
  • Additional Query Parallelism: Including index scans, bitmap scans, and merge joins
  • Quorum Commit for Synchronous Replication: Ensure against loss of multiple nodes
  • Crash-safe and replicable Hash Indexes: Write-ahead logging support to hash indexes
  • Multi-column Correlation Statistics: Helpful in estimating query memory usage and when combining the statistics from individual columns.
  • New "monitoring" roles for permission grants: New roles like pg_monitor, pg_read_all_settings, pg_read_all_stats, and pg_stat_scan_tables allow simplified permission configuration.
  • Latch Wait times in pg_stat_activity: Includes the remaining wait events, like client reads, client writes, and synchronous replication.
  • XMLTABLE query expression: Converts XML-formatted data into a row set
  • Restrictive Policies for Row Level Security: Optional restrictive policies must match for access to be granted
  • Full Text Search support for JSON and JSONB: Accessed via ts_headline() and to_tsvector.
  • Compression support for pg_receivewal: An option to support compression
  • ICU collation support: The ICU library has versioning that allows detection of collation changes between versions
  • Push Down Aggregates to foreign servers: Allow push down of FULL JOIN queries containing subqueries in the FROM clause to foreign servers 
  • Transition Tables in trigger execution: Added AFTER trigger transition table to record changed rows

3 Major improvements to PostgreSQL connections


  • SCRAM Authentication: for more secure password-based access
  • Multi-host "failover": connecting to the first available in a list of hosts
  • target_session_attrs parameter: so a client can request a read/write host

Don't wait download test ...

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Re: PostgreSQL 10 Beta is out and its features !!!

i was testing PG 10, i like so much:

Logical Replication

SCRAM Authentication


and in the native table partition, I still prefer to use the old method of partitioning, I have more control over my parts


thanks for PG developers, nice work