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Pgaudit installation

Level 2 Adventurer

Pgaudit installation


I am installing pgaudit and have error in the varlena.h file. error" conflicting type for 'varstr_cmp'

is anyone install pgaudit without error? please feed me in.




EDB Team Member

Re: Pgaudit installation

Hi Siva,


Could you please let us know the steps you followed to configure pgaudit?


--Ankit Shukla

Level 2 Adventurer

Re: Pgaudit installation

Clone the PostgreSQL repository:

git clone

Checkout REL_10_STABLE branch:

git checkout REL_10_STABLE

Make PostgreSQL:

make install -s

Change to the contrib directory:

cd contrib

Clone the pgAudit extension:

git clone

Change to pgAudit directory:

cd pgaudit

Build pgAudit and run regression tests:

make -s check

Install pgAudit:

make install


I have the error on step make -s check.



Gold Adventurer

Re: Pgaudit installation

Why do you want to install postgres using source code? Any specific reason.


IIRC, EDB doesn't support pgaudit. In EPAS, we have edb_audit which enables the auditing capbility.


If you are not using EPAS, then please use RPMs for PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL yum repository has pgaudit extension.