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PgAudit for PostgreSQL 9.6 community version

Level 3 Traveller

PgAudit for PostgreSQL 9.6 community version

Hi Team,


I am new for enabling auditing in PostgreSQL community version.

I have read about PgAudit extension but am not able to compile and install PgAudit extension which opensource extension. 

I want to know which steps I should follow to install and compile PgAudit extension which available on GitHub.

currently, I have installed PostgreSQL 9.6 community version in Centos 7.

are there any differences to installed PgAudit extension on already installed PostgreSQL using source code and RPM package method?

I am not sure to use which method to compile and installed the PgAudit extension. in GitHub, they have provided steps but not going to help


Thanks for your help.

EDB Team Member

Re: PgAudit for PostgreSQL 9.6 community version

Hi adammulla,


EnterpriseDB only support community PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB tools.
Pgaudit been third party tool, we cannot assit you with this.

In EPAS, we have edb_audit which enables the auditing capbility.

Kindly refer below documentation link for further reference.