PG_XLOG Mount point almost 93%

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PG_XLOG Mount point almost 93%

Hi EDB's and Engineer's

                       /WAL mount points getting fill..Please give a suggestion how to resolve this.


 This is Slave server Master is fine.But slave..

/dev/mapper/dbvg-lv_WALL 197G 172G 13G 93% /WAL



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Re: PG_XLOG Mount point almost 93%

Hi Diny,


Hope you are doing good.


You can use pg_archivecleanup to resolve this issue. pg_archivecleanup is designed to be used as an archive_cleanup_command to clean up WAL file archives when running as a standby server. You can configure this in the recovery.conf file.

Please refer the below link for more information regarding this:


Let us know in case of any concern.

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