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Azure Database for PostgreSQL / PostGIS

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Azure Database for PostgreSQL / PostGIS

Hi there,

Is there any document on earth to explain the methodology for uploading Spatial data set on Azure database for PostgreSQL using PostGIS extension?

I am connected to the Azure database for Postgres and have the extension for PostGIS by using "CREATE EXTENSION postgis" command but unable to move forward.


For information, I switched to Azure Database for PostgreSQL because my machine was unable to installed PostgreSQL server and was showing the error "The database cluster initialisation failed". So, it's fine now I don't need any help for desktop server.


Can anyone please help me out?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Azure Database for PostgreSQL / PostGIS

Hi @shobhit_bbd,


Please refer below links for the blog/documentation for getting started and loading data using PostGIS :


Blog link for getting started with PostGIS :


Link for the tool to load the spatial data using PostGIS :


Simple example of configuring and using the PostGIS extension :