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[Webinar] Oracle to Postgres Schema Migration Hustle

Community Manager

[Webinar] Oracle to Postgres Schema Migration Hustle

Oracle to Postgres Schema Migration Hustle
Date: February 5, 2020
Time: 10.00am ET | 16.00 CET | 15.00 GMT

Whether migrating a database or application from Oracle to Postgres, as a first step, we need to analyze the database objects (DDLs), to find out the incompatibilities between both the databases and estimate the time and cost required for the migration. In schema migration, having a good knowledge of Oracle and Postgres helps to identify incompatibilities and choose the right tool for analysis/conversion. In this webinar, we will discuss schema incompatibility hurdles when migrating from Oracle to Postgres and how to overcome them.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  1. How you identify if your oracle schema is compatible with PostgreSQL
  2. Incompatibility hurdles and identifying them with migration tools
  3. How to overcome incompatibility hurdles
  4. Available tools for conversion
  5. Post-migration activities - functional testing, performance analysis, data migration, application switchover

About the speakers:

Marc Linster, Ph.D., is EDB’s SVP of Product Development.

Bruce Momjian the co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and Database Architect at EDB.

Raghavendra Rao is a Managing Consultant in the Professional Services Division at EDB Headquarters.