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[Webinar] Common Table Expressions (CTEs) in SQL

Community Manager

[Webinar] Common Table Expressions (CTEs) in SQL


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Join Postgres expert, Bruce Momjian on this webinar, as he discusses common table expressions (CTEs) and the ability to allow queries to be more imperative, allowing looping and processing hierarchical structures that are normally associated only with imperative languages. Specifically, Bruce will discuss:

- The comparison between imperative and declarative programming languages
- Examples of syntax & recursive CTEs
- Writeable CTEs and the importance of using CTEs
When: Tuesday, 10 Dec, 2019
3.00 pm - New Zealand
1.00 pm - Australia EST
11.00 am - Japan & S Korea
10.00am - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Hong Kong
9.00 am - Indonesia and Thailand
7.30 am - India
If the timing does not work with your schedule, register anyway and we'll send you the webinar recording.