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[WEBINAR] New Approaches: Migrate Fast to Enterprise-Ready Postgres

Community Manager

[WEBINAR] New Approaches: Migrate Fast to Enterprise-Ready Postgres

New Approaches to Migrating from Oracle to Enterprise-Ready Postgres in the Cloud

Join Marc Linster to learn how to build Oracle-compatible Postgres databases on the AWS cloud. Marc will cover:

  • Getting started
  • Migration strategies
  • How to pick the migration targets
  • Provisioning, scaling, and managing Postgres
  • Creating highly available clusters with EDB's Cloud Database Service (CDS)
  • A live migration of an Oracle database to EDB Postgres

Plus, all attendees will be provided with a $50 credit to EDB's CDS platform.

Date: Tuesday, January 22
Time: 10amET - 11amET 

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Marc Linster, Ph.D., is EDB’s Senior Vice President of Product Development and leads EDB’s engineering divisions and product development groups.