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xDB setup help ?

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xDB setup help ?

Has anyone setup xDB on a Windows Server using Postgresql 11 ? Having an issue registering the publication and subscription servers. Cannot find the username and password . xDB.JPGxDB2.JPG

Community Manager

Re: xDB setup help ?

Hi Chameleon19,


While the Support Services teams can certainly point you in the same direction, I would double-check that your entries in the XDB_HOME\etc\edbrepl.conf path on both the subscription and publication servers contain the admin credentials you should have created earlier on in the process (page 101 of the Replication Server documentation).  Then, when you're registering the publication and subscription servers (around 163 in the documentation, I think), those same credentials should be used.  If it doesn't find the prerequired user/pw, it'll result in the error you're seeing here.  Hope this helps!




Jamie W.