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edb_audit vs pgaudit

Level 3 Traveller

edb_audit vs pgaudit

I have a question on edb_audit. We need to apply object level auditing in EPAS, as in pgaudit. But as far as I know we can not implement this using edb_audit. On the other hand I could not find a way to append pgaudit over EPAS. Is there a practical way for this need? Or is there any plan for such a feature for future edb_audit versions?



EDB Team Member

Re: edb_audit vs pgaudit

Hi, teoman,


Before answering to your questions regarding object level auditing in EPAS and appending pgaudit over EPAS we would like to know a few more details i.e.:

1. What is your current pgaduit settings?

2. An example of a desired pgaudit log output and its respective SQL statement/s.