Postgres windows install and locale FrenchxxCOMMAxxxxSPxxSwitzerland


Postgres windows install and locale FrenchxxCOMMAxxxxSPxxSwitzerland

We're using setup by command line (Postgres setup is include in our application setup):


postgresql-10.4-32bits-windows.exe  --unattendedmodeui minimalWithDialogs --mode unattended --create_shortcuts 0 --install_runtimes 1 --prefix "C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\10" --datadir "c:\Data_Pg_10" --superpassword POSTGRESQL_PASSWORD --serverport POSTGRESQL_PORT --superaccount postgres  --locale "FrenchxxCOMMAxxxxSPxxSwitzerland"


We set --locale value to FrenchxxCOMMAxxxxSPxxSwitzerland


But after install, when I send "Show lc_collate" command, my result is


instead of French_Switzerland.1252.

If I take a look at locale in postgres install directory, I can see that locale FrenchxxCOMMAxxxxSPxxSwitzerland exist.


How can I do to specify on install (with command line) that lc_collate must be french_switzerland ?


Thanks for your help.

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EDB Team Member

Re: Postgres windows install and locale FrenchxxCOMMAxxxxSPxxSwitzerland

Hi @Toine,


We have also tested the installation with graphical as well as unattended mode, it initializes the data directory with lc_collate as "French_France.1252".


We tried workaround by initializing the data directory using the initdb with locale "French_Switzerland.1252" and it is working fine.


Could you please try initializing the data directory after the installation of the postgres using initdb command like below:


"C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\10\bin\initdb.exe" -D "c:\Data_Pg_10" -U postgres --locale French_Switzerland.1252


Once, the data directory is initialized start the database cluster and verify the lc_collate value.




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