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Just getting started..

Level 3 Traveller

Just getting started..

I'm just getting started in postgresql.  Is there a good place to go for basic concept review?  Even just a one-pager is a good start for a general overview.


Re: Just getting started..

You can start by going through the following resources::


1. Documentation:

Postgres Documentation

2. Couple of videos about architecture and administration on youtube::

Postgres Internals

3. Free online training::

Free Trainings

3. And tons of blogs from Robert and other contributors.


If you are looking for something very specific just let us know and we might be able to help you or point you to the right resource.


Cheers, Amit


Level 3 Traveller

Re: Just getting started..



PostgreSQL documentation is a good place to start with


You can also have a look at the following blog for daily updates.

PostgreSQL tutorials, How to documents


EDB has its own training material

Free Trainings

PostgreSQL Database Administrator