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Technical Update for EDB Postgres Enterprise ManagerⓇ (PEM) 7.10

Technical Alert/Update Information

Technical Alert Name
Technical Update for EDB Postgres Enterprise ManagerⓇ (PEM) 7.10
Product Type
Postgres Enterprise Manager
Release Date
Technical Alert Details
Technical Update
Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) 7.10

This update is notifying you of a new software release, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) 7.10 from EnterpriseDB. PEM is an enterprise management tool designed to assist database administrators, system architects, and performance analysts in administering, monitoring, and tuning PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server database servers. PEM is architected to manage and monitor anywhere from a handful to hundreds of servers from a single console, allowing complete and remote control over all aspects of your databases.
Highlights of this release includes:
  • Managing EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) using PEM - Added support to configure and manage a BART server using the PEM UI.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL(PG)/ Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) version 12 (Beta):
    • Managing and monitoring PostgreSQL & EDB Postgres Advanced Server 12 through PEM.
    • PG/EPAS 12 as the backend database server for the PEM Server.
    • Compound Triggers for EPAS 12.
    • Added support for the planner support function.
    • Generated columns.
  • Custom banner on login page - Allow a banner to be displayed on the login page showing custom text. (869690)
  • Added Copy with headers functionality when copy data from Query Tool/View Data.
  • Add support in query history to show internal queries generated by View Data during save data operations.
  • Ensure editable and read-only columns in Query Tool should be identified by icons and tooltips in the column header.
This release also includes fixes for the issues:
  • Error when changing kind(SQL/BATCH) for pgAgent job step (893794)
  • On "Server Analysis" Dashboard, section "User Activity" shows a label named "Blocked Users" should be renamed to "Blocked Sessions" (661653)
  • Ensure parameter values are quoted when needed when editing roles (876762)
  • Set the correct SNMP version as dependency list in the edb-pem-agent RPM package in order  to fix the agent crash issue caused by the wrong version of SNMP package (913881)
  • Added ProjectSet, Gather Merge, Named Tuple Store Scan and Table Function Scan icon for explain module.
  • Fix issue where Deleting N number of rows makes first N number of rows disabled from the DataGrid.
  • Ensure Boolean columns should be editable using keyboard keys.
  • Ensure that 'ENTER' key in the data filter should not run the query.
  • Fix an issue where oid column should not be pasted when copy/paste row is used on query output containing the oid column.
  • Ensure type names are properly encoded in the results grid.
  • Fix display of validation error message in SlickGrid cells.
  • Fix issue where Validated switch option is inverted for the Foreign Key.
  • Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for partition table, partitions were shown as a child of indexes.
  • Fix a debugger error when using Python 2.7.
  • Ensure drag/drop from the treeview works as expected on Firefox.
  • Fix error while importing data to a table using Import/Export dialog and providing "Not null columns" option.
  • Ensure View should be created with special characters.
  • Ensure Boolean columns should be editable in View/Edit data and Query Tool.
  • Fix accessibility issue for checkbox in IE11.
  • Ensure the Query Tool doesn't throw an error when viewing the contents of a table with no columns.
  • Ensure columns can be created when they are IDENTITY fields with the CYCLE option enabled.
  • Ensure purely numeric comments can be saved on new columns.
  • Fix accessibility issue for Datetime cell in backgrid.
  • Ensure command tags are shown in the messages tab of the Query Tool.
  • Fix load on demand in View/Edit data mode.
  • Fix some errors thrown on the JS console when dragging text in the Query Tool.
  • Ensure triggers should be updated properly for EPAS server.
  • Fix the reverse engineered SQL for trigger functions with the WINDOW option selected.
  • Fix an error that could be seen when click on any system column of a table.
  • Ensure enable trigger menu should be visible when trigger is disabled.
  • Ensure the comment on a Primary Key constraint can be edited under the Table node.
  • Unescape HTML entities in database names in the Query Tool title bar.
  • Fix double click issue to expand the contents of a cell if the resultset was not editable.
  • Fix generation of reverse engineered SQL for Rules.
  • Add editor options for plain text mode and to disable block folding to workaround rendering speed issues in CodeMirror with very large scripts.
  • Fix length and precision enable/disable issue when changing the data type for Domain node.
  • Fix query tool launch error if user name contain html characters.
  • Increase cache control max age for static files to improve performance over longer run.
  • Fix SQL issue of length and precision when changing the data type of Column.
  • Fix modified SQL for Index when reset the value of Fill factor and Clustered?.
  • Fix reversed engineered SQL for btree Index when provided sort order and NULLs.
  • Ensure sequence with negative value should be created.
  • Fix issue where EXEC script doesn't write the complete script for Procedures.
  • Ensure Primary Key should be created with Index.
  • Fix issue where PEM/pgAdmin does not load completely if loaded in an iframe.
  • Fix issue where query history is not visible in the query history tab.
*References in brackets refer to customer issue case numbers.

End-of-Support Reminder:
We recommend you update to the most recent software version.  If you have not yet updated to the most current version, please note the end-of-support notes below*:  
  • Deprecated: PEM Package Deployment and Streaming Replication Wizard
  • Version:  7.9
  • End of Standard Support: January 31st 2020
*Additional details can be found on our website at

For more details, please review the EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.10 documentation.
PEM Documentation

This announcement is for EDB customers who are using, or are interested in, EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager

This update is available from the EDB Postgres website (

This update is also available as RPM/DEB packages that can be downloaded from the repositories respectively.To set up your credentials and gain access to the repositories, please submit a request:

Windows installers are available via Stack Builder Plus.

If you are installing a new system, please review the Installation Guide for more details (HTML - or PDF -

If you are upgrading from a previous release, please review the Upgrade Guide for more details (HTML - or PDF -

For more information, please review the PEM Getting Started Guide (HTML - or PDF - )

If you experience any problems installing the new software please contact Technical Support at:
Phone: US: +1-732-331-1320 or 1-800-235-5891
UK: +44-2033719820
Brazil: +55-2139581371
India: +91-20-66449612
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