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Technical Update for EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Database Server 10.11.19)

Technical Alert/Update Information

Technical Alert Name
Technical Alert for EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Database Server 10.11.19)
Product Type
Postgres Plus Advanced Server
Release Date
Technical Alert Details
Technical Update
EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Database Server 10.11.19)

This update is notifying you of a new software release EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server 10.11.19. EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 is built on the open source PostgreSQL 10, which introduces an impressive number of improvements that enable databases to scale up and scale out in more efficient ways. PostgreSQL 10 introduces Native Partitioning, Logical Replication, SCRAM Authentication, additional Parallel Query capabilities as well as a host of other new features and capabilities.

Highlights of 10.11.19 release include: This update contains the following fixes:
  • RM44104 - Apply user default privileges with CREATE FOREIGN TABLE. [#919364]
  • RM43979 - oci_dblink: Fix data loss when executing query using oci link and small temporary tablespace at redwood side. [#864275]
  • RM44112 - Avoid WAL-logging bulkload information when the system is in recovery mode. [#915987]
  • RM43965 - Fix libpq bulk API to get into ready for new query state after the query execution fail. [#755248]
  • RM43787 - Fix failure to attach ROWNUM qual to the correct part of the query. [#812764]
  • RM44110 - dbms_aq: Rectify an assumption while dumping queue callback actions
  • RM41952 - Fix cache flush hazard with the use of already released system cache.
  • RM44117 - Changed testcase wordings from ‘postgres’ to ‘edb-postgres’  to start the advanced server.
  • RM44056 - edbldr: Fix server crashed while loading via edbldr into partition
  • RM44079 - edbldr: Fix restrict FREEZE option for partition table like COPY.
  • RM44083 - pg_ctl: Fix 004_logrotate TAP test failure related to update of current_logfiles.
  • RM44097 - Testcase to verify server is not crashing with oci subquery
  • RM43998 - Fixed restricted use of LEVEL with PRIOR in CONNECT BY.
  • RM44044 - Record owner dependency for redwood-style trigger functions
  • RM43985 - edbldr: Fix OOM while inserting huge data into multiple tables.
  • RM43963 - Fixed re-establishment of ocidblink connections after server or user mapping changes.
  • RM44058 - ocilink: Fix ALTER SERVER for connstr option.
  • RM43772 - Fix memory leak in drop partitioned table.
  • RM44016 - edbldr: Fix identity column with not null constraint.
*References in the square brackets are the customer case numbers.

This announcement is for EDB customers who are using, or are interested in, EDB Postgres Advanced Server and have a database subscription purchased for:
  • EDB Postgres Enterprise Edition
This update is available from the EDB Postgres downloads website ( or via Stack Builder Plus.

This update is also available as an RPM package that can be downloaded from the repository. To setup your credentials and gain access to the yum repository, please submit a request:

Please review the Installation Guide for more details: TROUBLESHOOTING
If you experience any problems installing the new software please contact Technical Support at:
Phone: US: +1-732-331-1320 or 1-800-235-5891
UK: +44-2033719820
Brazil: +55-2139581371
India: +91-20-66449612
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