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Technical Update for EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Database Server 10.7.15)

Technical Alert/Update Information

Technical Alert Name
EDB Technical Update for Postgres Advanced Server (Database Server 10.7.15)
Product Type
Postgres Plus Advanced Server
Release Date
Technical Alert Details
Technical Update
EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Database Server 10.7.15)
This update is notifying you of a new software release EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server 10.7.15. EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10.0 is built on the open source PostgreSQL 10.0, which introduces an impressive number of improvements that enable databases to scale up and scale out in more efficient ways. PostgreSQL 10.0 introduces Native Partitioning, Logical Replication, SCRAM Authentication, additional Parallel Query capabilities as well as a host of other new features and capabilities.
Highlights of 10.7.15 release include: This update contains following fixes: 
  • RM43888 Fix possible server crash in bytea_smaller() and bytea_larger(). [Support Ticket #833954]
  • RM41964 Fix possible pg_upgrade failure for databases containing DBMS_AQ queue tables.
  • RM41971 Fix possible server crash when attempting to use named-parameter syntax to call a function whose arguments are unnamed.
  • RM43593 Fix failure to dump triggers on child partitioned tables when upgrading from a version prior to v10. 
  • RM43843 Fix incorrect handling of IYYY mask when to_char() is used. [Support Ticket #823847]
  • RM43832 Fix wrong answer when to_date() is used with the RR mask for with or during a year ending in 00. [Support Ticket #822321]
  • RM43281 Don't permit modifications to aq_administrator_role, since it is a special role used by the database system. [Support Ticket #731149]
  • Fix failure to apply insert performance optimization when inserting into a partitioned table. 
  • RM43809 Fix CREATE ROLE to honor NOSUPERUSER even when IDENTIFIED BY is specified.
  • RM43799 Even if pg_restore is run with --if-exists, do not add IF EXISTS to DROP PROCEDURE commands, which in this version do not support it. [Support Ticket #814694]
This announcement is for EDB customers who are using, or are interested in, EDB Postgres Advanced Server and have a database subscription purchased for: 
  • EDB Postgres Enterprise Edition
This update is available from the EDB Postgres downloads website ( or via Stack Builder Plus.

This update is also available as an RPM package that can be downloaded from the repository. To setup your credentials and gain access to the yum repository, please submit a request:

Please review the Installation Guide for more details: TROUBLESHOOTING 
If you experience any problems installing the new software please contact Technical Support at:
Phone: US: +1-732-331-1320 or 1-800-235-5891
UK: +44-2033719820
Brazil: +55-2139581371
India: +91-20-66449612
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