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EDB Technical Update for Postgres Enterprise ManagerⓇ (PEM) 7.8

Technical Alert/Update Information

Technical Alert Name
EDB Technical Update for Postgres Enterprise ManagerⓇ (PEM) 7.8
Product Type
Postgres Enterprise Manager
Release Date
Technical Alert Details
Technical Update
Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) 7.8
This update is notifying you of a new software release, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) 7.8 from EnterpriseDB. PEM is an enterprise management tool designed to assist database administrators, system architects, and performance analysts in administering, monitoring, and tuning PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server database servers. PEM is architected to manage and monitor anywhere from a handful to hundreds of servers from a single console, allowing complete and remote control over all aspects of your databases.
Highlights of this release includes:
  • Allow the ‘heartbeat_connection’ configuration to be set to ‘true’ during PEM Agent self registration - Set the ‘heartbeat_connection’ configuration using the ‘--enable-heartbeat-connection’ command line argument of the pemWorker during the PEM Agent self registration.
  • Improved accessibility features - Enabled keyboard navigation across dialogs, wizards, and different user interface elements.
  • Made the Query Tool history persistent across sessions
  • Support for IDENTITY columns - Added support for the IDENTITY columns supported in PostgreSQL, and EDB Postgres Advanced Server versions 10+. 
This release also includes fixes for the issues:
  • Fixed CSRF security vulnerability issue.
  • Fetch the current schema version on every new connection to the PEM backend server. It will allow the PEM Agent to work properly with the latest PEM server after the upgrade. (#769569)
  • Replace all occurrences of the placeholders with the respective value in the Alert script code, Alert email template. (#856746)
  • Fixed an issue for some line charts on the monitoring dashboards. These charts were not honouring the start & end timespan selected during the zoom. (#859558)
  • Fixed the issue related to ‘Take Over’ functionality of PEM Agent was not working (#859340)
  • Table chart created using custom probe should render properly. (#872498)
  • Ensure that on clicking Delete button should not delete rows immediately from the database server, it should be deleted when ‘Save’ button will be clicked.
  • Include inherited column comments and defaults in reverse engineered table SQL.
  • Fix an issue where Deleting N number of rows made the first N number of rows disabled (View Data).
  • Added support for Default Partition.
  • Include comment SQL for inherited columns in reverse engineered table SQL.
  • Make the WHEN field a CodeMirror control on the Event Trigger dialogue.
  • Fix the online help button on the resource group & index dialogue.
  • Fix handling of numeric arrays in View/Edit Data.
  • Fix the RE-SQL syntax for roles with a VALID UNTIL clause.
  • Prevent an empty error message being shown when "downloading" a CREATE script using the CSV download.
  • Display errors during CSV download from the Query Tool in the UI rather than putting them in the CSV file.
  • Fix an issue where 'GRANT UPDATE' sql should be displayed for default sequence privileges.
  • Fix handling of JSON in the Query Tool with NULL elements.
  • Ensure that element should get highlighted when they get focus on using the Tab key.
  • Fix Tab key issue for Toggle switch controls and buttons on the dialog footer in the Safari browser.
  • Prevent duplicate columns from being included in reverse engineered SQL for tables.
  • Ensure that parameters of procedures for EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 and below should be set/reset properly.
  • Ensure the treeview shows all sequences except those used to implement IDENTITY columns (which can be edited as part of the column). Show all if Show System Objects is enabled.
  • Fixed 'Location cannot be empty' error when opening Tablespace ‘pg_global’ properties.
  • Fix custom autovacuum configuration for Materialized Views.
  • Ensure View/Materialized View node should be visible after updating any property.
  • Ensure that record should be added/edited for root partition table with primary keys.
  • Ensure that confirmation dialog should be popped up before reload of query tool or debugger if it is opened in a new browser tab.
  • Ensure sequences can be created with increment, start, minimum and maximum options set.
  • Fix SQL help for EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10+, and refactor the URL generation code into a testable function. 
*References in brackets refer to customer issue case numbers.

For more details, please review the EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.8 documentation.
PEM Documentation

This announcement is for EDB customers who are using, or are interested in, EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager

This update is available from the EDB Postgres website ( or via Stack Builder Plus.

This update is also available as a RPM package that can be downloaded from the repository. To set up your credentials and gain access to the yum repository, please submit a request:

If you are installing a new system, please review the Installation Guide for more details (HTML - or PDF -

If you are upgrading from a previous release, please review the Upgrade Guide for more details (HTML - PDF -

For more information, please review the PEM Getting Started Guide (HTML - or PDF - )
If you experience any problems installing the new software please contact Technical Support at:
Phone: US: +1-732-331-1320 or 1-800-235-5891
UK: +44-2033719820
Brazil: +55-2139581371
India: +91-20-66449612
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