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EDB Migration Toolkit ® 52.0.3

Technical Alert/Update Information

Technical Alert Name
EDB Technical Update for Migration ToolkitⓇ 52.0.3
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Technical Alert Details
EDB Migration ToolkitⓇ  52.0.3

This update is notifying you of a new software release EDB Migration Toolkit 52.0.3. The tool migrates tables, data, stored procedures (Oracle only) and custom developed packages (Oracle only) from SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle and MySQL to EDB Advanced Server. More limited capabilities are available for migrations to PostgreSQL.
Highlights of this release include:
  • Customized "FetchSize" while migrating from Oracle to EDB [ MTK-154, Support Ticket #844173] 
  • Performance Improvement due to MTK-154
The overall data migration time from Oracle to Advanced Server improved substantially while fixing the fetchSize option related issue.
The initial testing showed a percentage increase of 45% with 15023138 rows and 15023138 data size.
The following commands were used for testing:
  • For DDL
  • ./ -sourcedbtype oracle -targetdbtype enterprisedb -schemaOnly -dropSchema true  HR1
  • For Data
  • ./ -sourcedbtype oracle -targetdbtype enterprisedb  -dataOnly -fetchSize 50000 -truncLoad -allTables HR1
Earlier this release, TEXT, TINYTEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, and LONGTEXT datatypes were mapped to Advanced Server’s CLOB data type. As these data types existed in the Advanced Server, the data types are now mapped with the right family. As a positive effect of this, the data migration time for the tables containing any of these data types have improved.
The initial testing showed a percentage increase of 90.43% with 400001 rows and 83.8076171875 data size.
Customer Bugs Resolved:
  • Comments set in the table when migrating data with MTK are not migrated [ MTK-118, Support Ticket #796257]
  • When using -safeMode option, data is being truncated before loading data to destination table. [ MTK-156, Support Ticket #845771]
  • Issue migrating null characters from MySQL to EPAS with -replaceNullChar option [ MTK-158, Support Ticket #857629]
  • Problems with case sensitive sequences [ MTK-150, Support Ticket #820545] 

This announcement is for EDB customers who are using, or are interested in, EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit 52.0.0 and have a database subscription purchased for: 
  • EDB Postgres Standard Edition
  • EDB Postgres Enterprise Edition
This update is available from the EDB Postgres website  or via Stack Builder Plus for Windows ONLY.

This update is also available as an RPM package that can be downloaded from the repository. To setup your credentials and gain access to the yum repository, please submit a request:

For more information, see the EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit Guide
If you experience any problems installing the new software please contact Technical Support at:
Phone: US: +1-732-331-1320 or 1-800-235-5891
UK: +44-2033719820
Brazil: +55-2139581371
India: +91-20-66449612
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