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Install Postgresql Enterprise Manager for trial error v. 7.9

EDB Team Member

Re: Install Postgresql Enterprise Manager for trial error v. 7.9

Hi Phanny,

Below points to be check at your end.

[root@master-vm yum.repos.d]# yum repolist all | grep EnterpriseDB
edb-repos EnterpriseDB Repos 7 - x8 enabled: 2
edbas10/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB Advanced Ser enabled: 69
edbas11/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB Advanced Ser enabled: 76
edbas96/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB Advanced Ser enabled: 59
enterprisedb-dependencies/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB Dependencies enabled: 92
enterprisedb-tools/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB Tools 7 - x8 enabled: 126
enterprisedb-tools-testing/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB Tools Testin enabled: 1
enterprisedb-xdb60/7/x86_64 EnterpriseDB XDB 6.0 7 - enabled: 5
[root@master-vm yum.repos.d]#


As stated earlier ,below erro points to the os dependency, that should be taken care of.

There is error message in the details shared from one of the machine [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found

Below points to look into

1.You can also go for reinstalling epel-repo.

2. You can refer below link for installation




You have to raise request with the