How can I get EDB AS connectors and EDB*Plus?


How can I get EDB AS connectors and EDB*Plus?

...and I'll add quickly ... for macOS?


Hello. Our institution has licensed EDB AS so I believe I can download common tools without restriction. I do both DBA and development work, so I'm looking for productivity both for Oracle migration and new work. So far, I've successfully worked with an AS 9.6 installation on one of my RHEL data servers. (I have no wish to run a data server on my Mac.)


Through long trails of sleuthing, I've figured out that there are EDB-specific connectors and even an SQL*Plus-like tool. That's good. I've also figured out that Postgres tools (psql, pgcli, and the driver in IntelliJ IDE) haven't a clue about EDB's "plus" features that support an Oracle migration compatibility. That's less good. I also know a litrtle about pgAdmin 4.x, which I saw middle of last year. It's a heroic effort! Still, nothing beats Sublime or an IDE with decent editing, smarts, and some debug capacity using files in the file system. I hope to stay close to that model.


I've also learned that "StackBuilder" would install Postgres and its tools (already have those natively) and StackBuilder "Plus" is EDB's variant. But no where do I see a way to get the latter.


A little guidance and probably orientation would be appreciated.


Secret real wish: Make IntelliJ IDE understand EDB AS's varient of SQL and PGSQL. ;-) As a Java IDE, I'm sure it is uses JDBC under the hood.



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Re: How can I get EDB AS connectors and EDB*Plus?

Hi frank_burleigh,


The Stackbuilder and EDB*Plus comes bundled with EPAS installation. You will get a prompt while installing. 


Following are the documents which you can go through for using it.


Stackbuilder Plus


Let us know in case you have any issues further. We would recommend you to post your queries to for timely responses.


Thank you for being a part of PostgresRocks.


Re: How can I get EDB AS connectors and EDB*Plus?

Thanks very much. The thing is, I see no evidence of a macOS Stackbuilder Plus. I have seen the simpler Stackbuilder for macOS, but I do not think thst includes EDB's connectors or EDB*Plus. Am I wrong? I want to stress that I do not want to add the database to my Mac -- I want the client bits -- like the JDBC driver and EDB*Plus -- so that I can talk to our EDB cluster hosted in our data center.

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Re: How can I get EDB AS connectors and EDB*Plus?



EPAS is not supported on mac os. You must be installing the postgres database, hence receiving the stackbuilder not stack builder plus package.


Below is the link for supported platforms:


Hope this answers your question.





Re: How can I get EDB AS connectors and EDB*Plus?

I had hoped for a more proactive approach from the company. I can't think of a single major database platform that doesn't also provide macOS client connectors -- a JDBC driver seems like a gimme! -- to enable developers and administrators to use the platform that best suits their situation.


Still, I thank you for the clarification: EDB does not package client drivers for macOS.

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