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EDB 9.4 EFM streaming replication failover


EDB 9.4 EFM streaming replication failover



we just had our master efm server restart which caused a failover. The slave is now the master and access to the db is still fine, but the new slave has had a issues. 


We manually updated the recovery.conf file to get efm running, but it is not copying any of the missed WAL files or new ones and stays:


"One or more standby databases are not in sync with the master database."


the pg_agent on the slave wont start (Not sure if this is the issues or not!?)


Any ideas on a resolution? 



EDB Team Member

Re: EDB 9.4 EFM streaming replication failover

Hi staggerlee011,

Per your comments, the EFM has played it role by promoting the standby database as the new master.
During this process the recovery.conf file gets created, which has been updated by you for the new slave reconfiguration.
We assume the recovery related parameteres are configured and restore command pointing for the location.and entry pointing to the new master.

Can you also please check below things
1.Did you restart the new slave database cluster after the changes on the recovery.conf
2.If the replication is working.The database is in recovery.
3.Check the efm agent on the master and slave.
4.If the agent is not active on the new slave,resume the efm agent on the new slave.