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Data Load is very slow on Database


Data Load is very slow on Database

Hi Team,

We're facing issues with loading data on the database.

With BULK COMMIT the operation is getting terminated after 2-3 hours informing not able to connect tp database.

Hence we're doing row lovel commits with 25 parallel threads (RAM=83G, CPU=14, shared_buffer=21G, work_mem = 15MB
maintenance_work_mem = 4275MB
effective_cache_size = 65GB)


We've 1 primary and 1 synchronous standby in our system.

With 25 parallel thread the dataload is happening fine for first 2 hours and we're able to see 10+ lakh records getting inserted nicely, and post that the data load activity is getting slowed down.with only 50k-1 lacs records inserting .




Can anyone help on this.


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Re: Data Load is very slow on Database

Without knowing much detail, My first guess is that you have a synchronous replica setup.  Can that be disabled during your load and set up replication later ?

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Re: Data Load is very slow on Database

Hi Sandeep,


Can you tell us if Valkalipi's suggestion resolved the issue?


Thank you,