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Connecting to EDB using EDBOCI


Connecting to EDB using EDBOCI



we have a Software that could connect to Oracle via OCI. Is it possible to do this also over the edboci.dll that comes with EDB Connection Client to an Enterprise DB?

The ODBC way works fine, but we have special funktions for Calling PL/SQL in our Sourcecode, also with arrays. So we have to change 500 positions in the sourcecode.

If OCI would working we do not have to change it!


Best regards

Joerg Bertram

EDB Team Member

Re: Connecting to EDB using EDBOCI

Hi Joerg,


Yes, this is possible using the edboci.dll that we ship with our EDB connectors. You can refer the below documentation for setting this up :


Also, regarding the features of EDB-OCI connector, below is the complete reference what you can expect to run using these :


Hope this helps.