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Target generated DDL file failing to run

Target generated DDL file failing to run

After 100% compatability , i generated the taregt PostgresSql Sql file. However i am seeing script failing from very first few basic errors.

VARCHAR2(20 ) from Oracle shows the same in the postgressql script . But postgres throws error in execution saying

ERROR: type "varchar2" does not exist

Same goes for Oracle data type NUMBER.


My question is if the tool says compatible and generates the target DDL script , isnt these data type conversions taken care ? Why does the tool say its 100% compatible and gives a generate script option?


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EDB Team Member

Hello ajirules,


Migration Portal assess the Oracle DDLs against EnterpriseDB's postgres, which has rich set of Oracle compatible feature on top of Postgres. If DDLs are 100% compatible on Migration Portal, it will run fine on EnterpriseDB's Postgres.




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