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Suggestion: Add a ignore-case in schema names option

Suggestion: Add a ignore-case in schema names option

I saw that on one conversion that the Migration code noticed that there was both uppercase and lowercase objects and then decided to create two seperate schemas for EDB to hold them.That's not a huge deal for me, but it does require a bit of work to search/replace and get everything into upper as intended.


Since Oracle ignores case (unless you put the names in quotes) by default and uses uppercase, it would be nice to have a "ignore schema case" checkbox for use when we know that it isn't important and just force every schema name to upper.

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EDB Team Member

Hi @hallkbrdz ,


Migration code would never create a different schema for case sensitive objects. Right now all the objects would be created in postgres default case (lowercase). Could we get the object DDLs that led to this scenario (creating 2 different schemas)?

EDB Team Member

Hi  hallkbrdz,


Thank you for the suggestion.

We will forward your suggestion/request to our development team and will update you.


Warm Regards,


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