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Partitioned Tables in Oracle creating multiple errors

Partitioned Tables in Oracle creating multiple errors

I ran an assesment on one of our databases that makes use of many partitioned tables (just one level deep). I noticed almost all the resulting errors were due to references to these partitiioned tables, such as "relation "table_name" does not exist". This is for tables, indexes, constraints, and views.


I don't see that as an issue so long as the resulting DDL is ordered correctly, but I wanted to point this out to improve the tool.

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Answers (2)

EDB Team Member

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I assure you that we are working hard to resolve dependancy issues in Migration Portal and in near future users will not see any object failure with error like 'relation does not exist'. Our current order of DDLs tries to resolve first level dependancies i.e. indexes, constraints and views will obviously depend on Table creation, but if the table on which these objects are dependant fails for some reason, then all dependant objects will fail.


Kindly be assured that team is working proactively to solve this problem soon. We are really happy to see suggestion from curious users like you and more suggestions in the future are most welcome. 



EDB Team Member

Hi hallkbrdz ,


team is workinbg on your request, we will have an update on this soon.

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