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MTK can't find schema in Sybase to EPAS migration

MTK can't find schema in Sybase to EPAS migration

Hi everybody, 


I'm trying to test a Sybase to EPAS migration. I have a Sybase ASE 15.7 running on Docker and an EPAS 12 installation on Centos 7. I set up my properties.toolkit file and started migration with /usr/edb/migrationtoolkit/bin/ -sourcedbtype sybase -targetdbtype enterprisedb parca command. When I send it, I see that both database connection has been set but MTK couldn't find the targeted schema though it is there. Error I got is below. What could be wrong? 


Connecting with source Sybase database server...
Connected to ASE, version '15.70'
Connecting with target EDB Postgres database server...
Connected to EnterpriseDB, version '12.1.2'
Importing sybase schema parca...
MTK-10050: The schema parca not found on source database.

One or more schema objects could not be imported during the migration process. Please review the migration output for more details.

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EDB Team Member

Please use same case for the schema/username as it is in Sybase. e.g. Parca , parca, PARCA all are different for migrationtoolkit. If in Sybase it is Parca (initcap)  then parca won't work. In this case


/usr/edb/migrationtoolkit/bin/ -sourcedbtype sybase -targetdbtype enterprisedb Parca


should work


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