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Postgres Rocks Community Rules

Community Manager

Postgres Rocks Community Rules “Rules of The Road”



Welcome to! We hope that you find the forum useful in answering questions, generating solutions to challenges you may be facing, and sharing ideas to continue to improve your PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres experience – as well as the experience of others! Purpose 

Our mission is to provide a modern platform enabling engagement, knowledge and discussions for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres users which will allow us all to cultivate our platform experiences. While using, we request that you observe these community rules:


Community Rules:

In order to maintain active status on the community, we ask that you strictly adhere to these rules:

  • Be respectful and courteous of others.
  • Be relevant to the topic on the board, blog, chat or thread.
  • Protect the privacy of yourself and others.
  • Apply good judgment to the use of user generated content in the community.
  • Follow the Terms and Conditions
  • Report abuse to the community management team using the following guidelines:

By using these forums you agree to follow these rules as well as the full Terms of Service. We thank you, and your fellow community members thank you. If you recognize any violation of these guidelines, please notify us here by choosing Report Abuse to Moderator from the message's Options menu, or if you have any questions about our guidelines, terms, or policies, please send an email to


The EDB Logo and EDB Employees 

You will notice that some community members have an EDB logo next to their names which identifies them as EnterpriseDB employees. Like you, they are members of the community, and we encourage them to share their knowledge and opinions. Keep in mind, though, that the community is first and foremost a peer-to peer community and not a direct support channel; if you have questions for EnterpriseDB Support and are an existing customer, please contact the EDB team at We will be happy to help!

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